What is Rhinoplasty?


If you have undergone the procedure for rhinoplasty or sinus surgery and you are currently experiencing postnasal drip and sinus infections, you need to read this.


Rhinoplasty means the process of fixing the appearance of the nose.Primarily the work is entirely on the external part of the nose.For example, this is where you would place your sunglasses.rhinoplasty

However, in Rhinoplasty, the surgeon wants to be certain that you have clear breathing as well.For example, when the nose is too narrow it will be unable to pass air easily. After the nasal bones have been positioned, it could be that the turbinates might be obstructing the airway.best nose jobThe doctor can choose to decrease the size of the turbinates—whiche are the shelves on the side of your nose.

. These turbinates are what provide moisture to the nose and help to prevent infection.

There exist differing procedures that doctors do to open a narrow airway.These include but are not limited too,Somnoplasty,Laser Turbinectomy, Microdebridement, Coblation,and Turbinectomy.Even with care, sometimes an excess of nasal turbinate tissue is destroyed or removed. When a deviated nasal septum is apparent, primarily this is corrected at sinus surgery which we refer to as rhinoplasty. best surgeon

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